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Q: Why should I choose MowJob?

A: You should choose MowJob because you will be able to request grass cutting services on-demand. You will be provided with an affordable high quality service option and you will never be asked to sign an expensive long-term grass cutting contract. The MowJob App is easy to access from your smart phone and the offers a secure convenient way to pay for grass cutting.

Q: How does MowJob work?

The App works by connecting customers who request grass cutting services to available providers. Once you have downloaded the free App and completed your registration you can request services whenever you choose. To submit a request enter the address of the lawn you would like cut. The App will send a request to available lawn care providers who will bid on your job. Once the bids are received you will have the option to accept or reject the bid. If you accept the bid, a MowJob expert will arrive and cut your lawn. Once the job is completed the service provider is required to take a photo of the job to ensure it has been properly completed. Once MowJob has the image we will release the payment to the provider.

Q: How do I register for MowJob services?

A: Simply download the Free MowJob App from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Once you have downloaded the App be sure to complete all of the steps in the short Customer Registration process. You can register through a Google account or Facebook account or you can create an email account. You will then be asked if you would like to receive services or if you would like to provide services. Once you confirm that you would like to receive service you are able to submit a grass cutting request.

Can I receive services at an address other than my own or for multiple lawns?

A: Yes. You are able to request and pay for services for any residential address. You can help out a family member, neighbor or friend by requesting grass cutting services. You can also request services while you are away from home, working or on vacation.

Q: How much does it cost to have my lawn cut?

A: Once you send your request for service and have accurately indicated the size of your lawn, providers will assess the cost of grass cutting and submit their bid. Once bids are received you will have the option to accept or reject the bid. Many factors determine how much it will cost to have your lawn cut. For example, the size of your lawn, location of your lawn, current level of demand for services and the number of available providers at the time of request, all influence the price. Be assured MowJob will work to find you the lowest price with the service you expect. You will never be charged for a job unless you approve the price first. 

Q: How do I pay for services?

A: Paying for service is convenient and secure. MowJob accepts payment on-line by Credit Card or Debit Card. You will only be charged when you accept and confirm your service request, at the price you want.

Q: Can I cancel my service request? 

A: Yes. The cancellation policy is as follows: Once you confirm your request and payment has been made a 30% cancelation fee will apply if the job is canceled. You will receive a cancellation confirmation number if you cancel. Once the provider arrives your request cannot be cancelled. If a provider fails to perform the job you will not be charged.

Q: Can a provider reject my service request? 

A: Yes. A provider may decide not to provide service. For example, if the size of the lawn has not been indicated accurately or if the provider is unable to complete the work due to obstructions on the lawn, service will not be provided. Please ensure you have entered information regarding your lawn request accurately. If a provider decides not to provide service you will not be charged.

Q: What if I have a concern regarding my service?

A: If you have a concern regarding your service please send your inquiry to: